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Q. When or how is it acceptable to make disclosures? 
A. The planning committee decides what method works best to accomplish disclosures for the educational event. Disclosures must be made prior to the education starting in writing and can be done via the promotional materials, a participant handout or a disclosure slide.

Q. What disclosures are we required to make?
A. Below is a list of the disclosures activity and Approved Providers are required to make:

  • Midwest MSD Approval Statement – either Provider Approval or Individual Education Activity approval statements
  • Successful Completion Requirements
  • Presence/Absence of Relevant Financial Relationships for Planners and Presenters/Faculty/Authors/Content Experts, including a statement of mitigation, if applicable
  • Commercial Support (if applicable)
  • Joint Providers identified (if applicable)
  • Expiration Date for Awarding Contact Hours (Enduring Material activities ONLY)

Multiple methods can be used. For example, the Provider or Individual Education Activity Approval Statement may be provided on the flyer or brochure, while the presence or absence of relevant financial relationships, etc. may be provided on a handout included with educational materials. It is the responsibility of the Nurse Planner to ensure that all required disclosures are provided to learners at the beginning of the activity. Required disclosures may not occur or be located at the end of an educational activity.

Q. Are we no longer required to provide the non-endorsement disclosure statement?
A. Correct, as of May 2013 the ANCC eliminated the requirement for the non-endorsement disclosure statement.

The COA states they “believe that the non-endorsement disclosure statement is no longer relevant. Providers must plan, implement and provide continuing nursing education (CNE) activities in an unbiased, non-promotional and balanced manner therefore this disclosure requirement was eliminated.”

Q. Are we no longer required to include a statement about off-label product use?
A. Correct, as of May 2013 the ANCC eliminated the requirement to include a statement about off label use of products.

Q. Is it recommended to move away from using “conflict of interest” as the terminology? For example, the disclosure to learners would read “No relevant financial relationships exist for anyone involved in the planning of this activity” vs. “No conflict of interest exists for anyone in a position to control content for this activity”?
A. Yes, ANCC is supporting the new terminology of relevant financial relationships to align with the community that has adopted the new Standards for Integrity and independence in Accredited Continuing Education.