Q. What is required to be on a certificate of completion?
A. The ANCC/Midwest MSD requires the following on a certificate of completion:

  • Title and date of the educational activity or date the learner completed the activity
  • Participant name (or line designated to include participant name)
  • Name and address of the provider of the educational activity (Web address acceptable)
  • Number of contact hours learner received
  • For an Individual Education Activity, the Midwest MSD Approval Number will be provided at the time an Individual Education Activity application is approved. For an Approved Provider Unit, the Midwest MSD Provider Approval Number must be indicated.
  • Official approval statement

The Provider may choose to include additional information on a certificate as dictated by their organization, state board of nursing or other accrediting bodies.

Q. Does a participant’s name have to be printed on each certificate of completion? 
A. It is preferable that the Provider has printed the participant’s name on the certificate; however, it is not required. There does need to be a specific space/line for the participant to be able to write in their name.

Q. Can an ineligible company/organization’s logo be used on the certificate of completion? 
A. No

Q. Does everyone participating in our educational activity get a certificate?
ANCC/Midwest MSD contact hour certificates are awarded to those individuals who met all of the requirements of successful completion set forth by the Nurse Planner and the planning committee. If an individual did not meet the requirements for successful completion, they do not receive a certificate. For example, if a requirement is that the learner pass the posttest with a score of 80% or above, and they receive a score of 75% they would not receive a certificate.