The Midwest Multistate Division is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC COA).

If you wish to pay a fee using our online system, please select one of the options below and enter in the requested information.

For each fee you are given the option to pay by credit card or check through the online system. When selecting pay by check, an invoice will automatically generate as an email for you to print and include with your payment. Note – it is important that the invoice is included with the check payment to ensure accurate processing.

Make checks payable to the Midwest MSD and mail them to:

Midwest Multistate Division (Midwest MSD)
3340 American Ave. Suite F
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Approved Providers – for a list of 2022 Fees please click here

The Midwest MSD reserves the right to adjust fees as needed without notice.

Individual Education Activity Application

Organizations interested in awarding nursing contact hours for one, single educational activity or conference

  • Applications accepted year round a minimum of 45 days prior to the activity start date
  • Application review fee applies based on number of contact hours under review

Application Review Fee

Contact HoursFee
0.5 – 5.0 hrs$250.00
5.1 – 20 hrs$250.00 + $20/hour
20.1+ hrs$450.00 + $20/hour
Example Review Fees

5.25 hours: $250 + 105(5.25 hrs x $20) = $355
8.5 hours: $250 + $170(8.5 hrs x $20) = $420
45 hours: $450 + $900(45 hrs x $20) = $1,350

Approved Provider Application

Organizations interested in receiving approval to award nursing contact hours for multiple educational activities provided to nurses within their organization or their target audience.

  • Applications accepted three times per year (February 1, June 1 & October 1)
  • Application review fee applies based on type of organization
  • Applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements to apply

Application Review Fee

Approved Provider – Provisional Approval Fee

$500 Single Agency / $750 System Providers

This fee is assessed when an organization receives a provisional approval decision on their provider application review. The fee is assessed to offset the cost of additional review time and resources. It is due prior to final approval decision.

Approved Provider – Probation/Suspension Reinstatement Fee

$500 Single Agency / $750 System Providers

This fee is assessed when an Approved Provider Unit is placed on suspension/ probation. Approved Providers must submit the required materials by the deadline provided along with the reinstatement fee in order for the suspension/probation to be lifted.

Approved Provider – Corrective Action/Progress Report Fee


This fee is assessed when an Approved Provider Unit fails to correct the deficiencies noted in the first report and additional follow-up is necessary.

Approved Provider – Activity File Documentation Review Fee


This fee is assessed if an Approved Provider Unit wishes for MSD staff to perform an audit of a sample activity file for adherence to the recordkeeping criteria. The written report provided indicates compliance or non-compliance for each recordkeeping criterion.

Approved Providers are required to pay an annual fee each year due on January 31st.

  • Single Agency Annual Fee – $300.00
  • System Provider Annual Fee – $800.00

Approved Provider – Review Cycle Deferral Fee

$360 Single Agency / $840 System Providers

This fee is charged for an Approved Provider Unit to move to another review cycle; voluntary/involuntary. This fee is due at the time the deferral decision is made.