Approved Providers

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The provider approval process is designed for organizations/companies interested in offering nursing contact hours for continuing nursing education activities provided to nurses within their organization/company.  Through the application process, organizations/companies demonstrate their capacity to ensure adherence to the ANCC/MW MSD accreditation guidelines during a three (3) year approval period.  Once approved, an organization/company may award nursing contact hours for all continuing nursing education activities they provide during their three-year approval period.

Provider applications are accepted three times per year: February 1st, June 1st, and October 1st.

Many of the forms listed below are provided in Microsoft Word to facilitate electronic completion. Please click on the file you wish to access and save it to your personal computer before completion to preserve the information you enter. Please note: If submitting the application electronically, the Approved Provider Application and supporting documentation must be collated into one Word or Adobe .pdf file, not to exceed 5MB in size, and each of the sample activities must be saved in separate Word or Adobe .pdf files.

Determine Eligibility

  • Complete the Approved Provider Intent to Apply – Eligibility Verification Form v3.2017

    • The Approved Provider Intent to Apply/Eligibility Verification form must be submitted to the MW MSD electronically at least 6 months prior to your anticipated application submission date (or renewal application submission deadline).

    • The MW MSD will notify you if your organization is eligible to continue with your Approved Provider application within thirty days of receipt.

    • Please make intent-to-apply payment here.

Application Materials

Application Supporting Documents

Sample Forms

Additional Resources

Communication & Reporting

Application Review Fee

Application review fee applies based on type of organization.

  • $2,000.00 Single Agency Provider (see definition in application instructions)
  • $4,800.00 System Provider (see definition in application instructions)

pay online

Approved Provider Forum - username/password required


To learn more about the MW MSD continuing education approval process, please contact the MW MSD Office at 573-636-4623 or email your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions